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Hello, beautiful soul!

I’m so happy you came by.

My name’s Marta Kozłowska. I’m a graphic artist and designer. On my website, you will find fine art works and minimalist works of applied art. These designs will bring natural and perfect peace to your life.  

Art close to nature.


Regardless of whether I create a logo, linocut or a shawl with an original print, I work purposefully and meticulously. Out of respect for nature, I chose traditional fabrics and methods of work (linocut, woodprint), I focus on quality and precision.  

I know that the nourishing contact with art may be, is and should be an everyday experience. That is why I design comfortable, simple, and beautiful things. I create for modern people who value balance and development. The things that constantly inspire me are femininity, nature and … my own soul.

Yes, I know. Soul is not a very popular word. It might sound a little suspicious, it smells like imprudence or a necessity to fight for your salvation. But “New Soul” sounds like this 

Listen. This is a song which accompanies me in life. There is confidence in it to trust and move forward, despite mistakes and ignorance. There is hope and good energy. 

And You, independent, strong and sensitive creature?
Do you sometimes think about your soul?

If you follow the inner voice, contact with your own soul is the source of enormous life force. I’m giving you this power in every little piece of what I do. Take it. My art is for you. It is for every day. 

  • If you value nature and aesthetic places which allow you to catch a breath,
  • surround yourself with high quality things,
  • like to take sensual pleasure from life,
  • focus on convenience, minimalism and simple forms,
  • don’t want to forget about the right to renewal and growth,

I want to invite you to my world:

  • Take part in a creative, away or stationary, lino print workshop, which I organize for people who dream of making their hands dirty with printing ink and creating their own graphic.
  • Order beautiful and simple objects which your soul longs for. 
  • See graphic designs (logo, posters, business cars, leaflets etc.), which I prepare for cultural institutions and privately-owned companies. I will be happy to design them for you.

Marta Kozłowska BIO: 

I graduated from Interior Design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. I have been a freelancer since then. I deal with painting, graphic arts and professional graphic design (from a concept to typesetting). I design logos and comprehensive visual identification. I make lino prints, organize workshops in traditional printing forms. I constantly take on new creative challenges. I do all this under the Newsoul brand.