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Linen shawls

collection “Elements of nature”


Discover the power of earth, air and fire enclosed in my original shawls.
Marta Kozłowska


While making your choice, follow the power of the elements


Black “Jaga”, white “Alina”, red “Jara” are different, just like women are. What they have in common is love for nature and independence. There is a story behind each shawl. Every story will take you on a journey. Every journey will give you power.


White “Alina” shawl is the element of the air and the power to cleanse


Black “Jaga” shawl is the element of earth and the power of transformation


Red “Jara” shawl is the element of fire and the power of rebirth

Light and broad, original, handmade shawl, finished with fringes. Artistic printing on linen is done with the use of linocut technique, which makes every shawl unique. The print is durable, and it doesn’t wash off.  With time, it loses intensity and becomes subtler.



“Alina” is standing at the crossroads. It is dawn, the fog is slowly falling, and she is ready to start the journey. Ahead of her, possibilities await. The crickets on the meadow slowly fall silent. The whiteness of the morning makes her even more innocently charming, but “Alina” is strong, independent and she knows what she wants. If you are just starting a new journey or opening a new chapter in your life, “Alina” will be a supporting companion, she will protect you and give you new energy.

“Alina” is a shawl for sensitive women who want to express their independence. It is soft, durable, comfortable and completely natural. It will protect you from cold and from the fierce sun.

This is a shawl woven out of light heart and distance to the world. White symbolises freedom from any obstacles and full array of possibilities. “Alina” will enhance your delicacy and charm, whispering to your ear “go boldly and confidently”.



Jaga” lives in a forest. At night, she stares at the moon. During the day, she sows seeds and collects herbs. “Jaga” knows how to make space in life for new; she transforms and disappears to come back stronger. If you need to take a break and strengthen yourself or to hide from the world; if you want to do magic, dream, change into a bird or seduce your beloved, “Jaga” will give you strength. She’s waiting for you.

“JAGA” is a dream shawl. It is natural, anti-allergic, soft, comfortable, elegant and lasting. Ideal for wrapping and … doing magic at any time of the year. 

“Jaga” is suspected of magical powers. Wrapped in “Jaga”, you can disappear, or seduce.  It has the power to transform. It changes dreamers into black birds. It turns individualists into agile panthers. 

You will love it.



“Jara” is basking in the sun. She’s everywhere. She’s dancing around the fire. She’s singing. She’s calling for action. She’s joy. Enthusiasm. Grin. A spark that ignites. She has power that brings people together. She’s murmuring with pleasure as she’s lying on soft moss. She embraces trees. She has the creative power, she burns and from ashes she creates life. If you feel that just now is the right moment to love, live and create, “Jara” will nourish you and give you energy to fulfil your every dream.

“Jara” makes an amazing impression. It has fire of the sun inside. It moves, awakes and adds vitality.

It is a completely natural, antiallergic, comfortable and durable shawl. Ideal for everyday use and … attracting looks.

Choose “Jara” and invite fire into your life. Red expresses enthusiasm, joy and pleasure. It is an ideal shawl for women full of passion who want to live, love and act. 

Why Newsoul shawls?

The shawl can be wrapped in many ways. It is practical and multifunctional. It will be useful during a business trip, at an evening party, on holiday with children and during a walk.

  • Do you value completely natural, eco and skin friendly fabrics?
  • Do you need protection from sunshine and cold wind?
  • Do you often feel cold and want to have something gorgeous to wrap around you at hand?
  • Do you look for unique things made with passion, things with a story?
  • Do you want an elegant finishing touch for your outfit, top, jacket or cardigan?

Shawls are a great choice for every season. An absolute must have for every independent, modern woman who values beauty and comfort.

Why linen?

The word “linen” in Latin means “the most useful” and that’s what a shawl is – comfortable, durable and practical all-year long. It will serve you for a long time, in winter it will give you warmth, and in summer pleasant coolness. Linen is a high-quality fabric which does not fade, it is resistant to stretching and friction. Washing increases its strength and at the same time makes it even softer. It has no tendency to pill or lose fibres. It is antiallergic and antiseptic – an ideal fabric for those who suffer from allergies and care for healthy and eco lifestyle. Linen is completely natural and biodegradable – it is made from plant fibres.

How to care for your shawl?

The shawl can be machine washed, ideally in 30 degrees Celsius with the addition of fabric softener. It should be ironed when slightly moist. It is a beautiful, handmade product, so make sure you deal with it with appropriate care.