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For those who dream of creative work, irrespective of their level of artistic skills and knowledge of printing techniques.

You don’t even expect how engaging graphics can be. During the Newsoul workshops, with your own hands and simple tools, you can create unique templates and prints. In a joyful atmosphere, among chisels and paints, you will transform into an artist who is not afraid of getting hands dirty. The result? The works are so beautiful that long after classes, you will not believe that they have been created by you.

If you want to spend time creatively, I’d like to invite you to: 

Graphic workshops

Organized together with ArtZona

Every workshop is knowledge, fun and a plunge into a creative process whose crowning is your own graphic work. I organize these meetings for beginners in traditional graphic techniques and printing methods; for different age groups (children, adolescents, adults).

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